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Your goals are holding you back!  You probably haven’t heard that before, right?  I say this because for many, including myself at the moment, our goals are not set in stone.  They are not clear and visible and most importantly achievable.  It’s so easy to have a foggy set of goals.  You know, ones that are NOT laser focused and NOT burned into your mind.

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I realized something pretty profound this week…I don’t know everything – SHOCKER!  Even better though, is the fact that no matter how smart I think I am, there is always someone out there who knows more than I do.  That means that I can learn something new every single day of my already humble life!

The reason I’m stating these obvious facts is that with the research I do every week for this site and for my own personal growth, I run across some pretty amazing content.  So, this is my long winded setup for a new series of posts I’m calling “Culture Warriors”.

Culture Warriors will be an ongoing weekly post where I’ll be highlighting the best advise, tips, tricks, etc from the literally hundreds of articles I review each week.  These will all be based on leadership, team engagement, culture, training, motivation, etc.

My current plan is to select the top five articles from these categories in order to help filter and learn from the best of the best!  I will give you bullet points on the articles, but I do encourage you to read them fully.  There is only so much I can turn into a bullet.  😉

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Ever heard of a company called Zappos?  If you have, you probably already know that their customer service is second to none.  Of course this directly correlates to their very intentional corporate culture and their ongoing success.  If you haven’t heard of them, I suggest you check them out before you are ready to buy your next pair of shoes, pants, or handbag!

As I eluded to in my headline, Zappos has ranked multiple times on Fortune Magazine’s “Top 100 Best Companies To Work For” list.  This isn’t an easy list to get on; let alone stay on.  The list is based on surveys of the employees ranked against several hundred other companies.  A who’s who of solid organizations; all of which are willing participants in this fishbowl competition of their employee satisfaction.

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become an artist in your work

Bad jobs stink!  Whether it’s a bad boss, a bad culture, or you are literally shoveling something that smells.  If you are stuck doing something that you hate, it’s tough to spin that any other way.  Whatever the situation though, you might as well make the best of it.  Here’s how…

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Max Lucado Quote

April 4, 2013


I just had to comment on this quote & image this morning.  It’s a very rich and deep thing that Max Lucado is talking about here.  Humility, courage, vision, and discipline are all at play.  But if you want to do something great, you must break new ground.  You must dream and you must execute without worrying about what is normal or popular.

This is never easy and is often lonely.  I would like to encourage you this morning to:

Dream big.

Stand strong.

Turn away from the crowd.

Make something beautiful.

Good luck and God bless!

Customer Service

Great customer service isn’t always as common as we’d like.  As a matter of fact, it’s fairly uncommon.  If that’s true, then why don’t more businesses use great customer service to insure their success?

Let’s start by taking a look at the image above.  How does it make you feel?  Maybe it’s no big deal to you.  It’s a nice looking sign.  Someone spent some time having it made.  Pretty innocent, right?


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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Thomas A. Edison

Lost Culture Battle Image

Revolutions require “battles”; there’s no way around it.  Fortunately, the battles I’m talk about don’t require explosions, gunfire, or real blood to be shed.  However, metaphorically, culture battles can still be painful and can leave warriors wounded & disadvantaged.

This week I made a really tough decision.  For any of you that follow my facebook page, you know that I’ve been planning to host a leadership event here locally in May.  Unfortunately, I’ve decided to cancel that event. 🙁

“Why”, you ask?  Good question…

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The Secret of Teams Image

Personally, when someone tells me they have a secret, I usually role my eyes.  In this case, I considered the source, and actually decided to listen.  I’m SO glad I did!

Of course, what I’m referring to is the book, “The Secret of Teams” by Mark Miller.  Mark is a long-time Chick-fil-A executive and is well known for his work there.  So, I decided to pick the book up through my Audible account and listen while working out.  I’m also very happy that I chose to consume it this way!

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The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.”

James Cash Penney Quote