Culture Warriors – Best Advise From The Front Lines – Week of 4/12/13

April 16, 2013 — 2 Comments


I realized something pretty profound this week…I don’t know everything – SHOCKER!  Even better though, is the fact that no matter how smart I think I am, there is always someone out there who knows more than I do.  That means that I can learn something new every single day of my already humble life!

The reason I’m stating these obvious facts is that with the research I do every week for this site and for my own personal growth, I run across some pretty amazing content.  So, this is my long winded setup for a new series of posts I’m calling “Culture Warriors”.

Culture Warriors will be an ongoing weekly post where I’ll be highlighting the best advise, tips, tricks, etc from the literally hundreds of articles I review each week.  These will all be based on leadership, team engagement, culture, training, motivation, etc.

My current plan is to select the top five articles from these categories in order to help filter and learn from the best of the best!  I will give you bullet points on the articles, but I do encourage you to read them fully.  There is only so much I can turn into a bullet.  😉

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Let’s start with the best quote I saw this week.  This one comes from Michael Hyatt’s site:

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”  -Mark Twain

Wow, that’s deep!  It really makes you think though.  It personally makes me want to give everything I’ve got today and leave nothing for tomorrow.  Cuz, who knows about tomorrow?

Here is my first selection of Culture Warrior posts straight from the Corporate Culture Revolution front lines:

1.) Great Leaders Serve – 5 THINGS…..FOR EVERYONE YOU LEAD – @LeadersServe:

  • Create High Expectations
  • Provide Challenging Assignments
  • Ask Challenging Questions
  • Give Candid Feedback
  • Share Your Contacts ***This one is huge!  Are you doing it?

2.) ProbloggerWhat does it take to succeed? – @tommyismyname :

Consistency, Practice & Routine.  Check out this video of a successful beatboxer.  Trust me on this…if you ever feel ready to give up on something, this guy will inspire you.  I can’t imagine how many hours of practice it’s taken him to get to this level – AMAZING!

3.) – 10 Steps to a Remarkable Company Culture – @alliefass:

  • Define and communicate your core values.
  • Get in the dunk tank. (Let them see you having fun; blur the lines a bit)
  • Show your employees you care (really).
  • Hire for culture fit.
  • Get rid of whiners, losers, and jerks–today.
  • Contribute to the community outside your office walls.
  • Do the math. (measure employee satisfaction and act on feedback regularly)
  • Realize job satisfaction ain’t about money.
  • You’re a teacher.
  • Commit to a higher purpose.

4.) – Conflict and the High D – @MattMcWilliams2:

Ever struggle with a stronger “high D” personality?  Here’s a great how to guide on keeping it civil:

  • Approach him on his turf. This means his office. Go to him where he is most comfortable.
  • Ask permission to speak with him. “Is this a good time to talk?” There are only two answers. Yes and no. If yes, proceed. If no, ask “When is a better time for you?”
  • Stand if possible. But not if he is sitting. Don’t impose. Stay level with him. I would stand for 10 seconds and if he doesn’t stand, pull up a chair close to his desk. Make sure to show that you are moving close.
  • Get right to the point.
  • Stay future focused. No attacks. This does not mean you cannot reference a past event, but it should be in the context of the future.
  • Practice ahead of time.
  • Stay calm. (DO NOT tell yourself not to get emotional…the words in your head are important here). You have practiced, it will go great.
  • Repeat the outcome you want as though it is happening. As you practice, continually repeat a positive outcome in the present tense.

5.) – Dealing with a change that’s hard to swallow – @lianedavey:

We all deal with change differently.  Some of us embrace it and some of us just can’t face it.  Either way, you don’t always have to get buy-in for you to make it happen.  According to Davey, “don’t wait for people to believe in change.  Just hold them accountable for behaving it.”  In my words, “fake it ’till you make it!”

So there it is.  Everything from conflict resolution to beat-boxing.  These culture warriors have what it takes to help us win this revolution, so let’s give them the support they deserve!

Question: What’s going on on your culture revolution front?