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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

Are you one of the lucky ones?  Are you engaged in your work?  Do you have a great boss or a great culture?  We want to hear about it!

Likewise, if you are struggling with your team, co-workers, boss, or your company, let us know!  We want to help!

Even CEO’s, Executives, and Middle Managers are welcome to come here and connect.  Please share your insights!

Here are my guest posting guidelines:

Short and sweet – We want to hear everything you have to say, but some of us have lizard brains.  Please keep your article to a maximum of 500 words.

No name calling – We like to keep things as positive as possible.  If you have something to say about someone, please don’t gossip here.  We only want to help you solve problems; not create more.

No copies – Nuff said.

My discretion – I’d love to say that I’ll post whatever you send me…but I won’t.  I’ll only publish the highest quality articles and stories that are relevant to this site and it’s readers.  I do reserve the right to re-write.

Marketing – If I post it, I’ll also share it with my friends, followers, twitterers, etc.  Please hook a brother up and do the same. 😉

I look forward to reading your stuff!  Thanks for sharing!!

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