Employee Training Methods

December 4, 2012 — Leave a comment
Employee Training - Planting seeds of growth

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The word “training” is not a four letter word!  This may come as a shock to many leaders and business owners.  That’s because it’s often only associated with a cost.  Meaning that much like paying taxes or getting a mole removed…you only do it because you have to.

Obviously, I’m going to go ahead and disagree with you here Mr. Leader / Biz owner.  But let me preface that by saying, if training is done properly there should be significant ROI.  I’m also going to go out on a limb and say that “one-time training sessions” are mostly a waste of time if you’re looking for significant change.

Let me repeat that in a different way…significant change doesn’t happen in a classroom or in any of the following places:

  • Online courses
  • Webinars
  • Conferences

Ideas are planted there, but true change and mastery of skill, happens over time.

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That’s not to say that these things can’t be valuable.  I believe they can be extremely valuable!  Think about them like a good shot of espresso for your brain.  They can even be great launching pads for bigger conversations that lead to massive change.  However, by themselves the ideas presented in these settings will do little more than fizzle out and leave your team begging for a nap.

The real key to pouring on the desired ROI is to create an environment that cultivates learning, starting from the top.  Imagine a place where everyone (including the boss) “values” learning new information.  This is a place where nobody is afraid of getting outside of their comfort zone.  It’s a place where humility is King and innovation is Queen.

No, there are no leprechauns or rainbows here!  But there is an evil bad guy that is out to prevent all this from happening.  His name is EGO.  He is sinister!  He will wreck everything.  Once he infiltrates the kingdom, learning and growth are quickly halted.  Make sure to lock him up ASAP!!

Simply put, personal growth is that one-two punch that is sure to get your team firing on all cylinders.  Here are five ways (cuz I love bullets):

  1. Create an environment that values growth / learning.
  2. Be intentional and specific about identifying new skills that will help each individual team member grow and be more successful.
  3. Reward ALL team members for activities related to mastering new skills (reading books, taking courses, mentoring fellow co-workers, etc).
  4. Make sure ALL leaders in your org set the tone by doing the same (this includes the President, CEO, head dude in charge, etc).
  5. Utilize webinars, online courses, & conferences as boosts or primers to an ongoing dialogue (don’t count on them for everything).

It sounds so simple, but you know that many CEO’s and even middle managers are NOT doing these things.  However, for those of you reading this post, I’m sure you are consuming at least some thought provoking content.  😉

Whatever position you are in (top, middle, or bottom), continuing to learn new skills and better mastering the skills you do have is the only thing that separates you from those who want your job.  So get on it already!

Question:  What are you currently doing to grow your skill set?