How To Give Your Boss A Leadership Makeover – Part 2

March 11, 2013


This post is Part 2 of 3 in a series of posts on giving your boss a leadership makeover.  Check out Part 1 here.

This series was inspired by another series of posts titled, The Problem With Parenting Today, by Matt McWilliams.

Ok, so in my last post we talked a little about personal accountability via the QBQ’s.  Get rid of the who’s, why’s, and the when’s and add in the what am I gonna do about it; that’s a recipe for success.  This is a simple, but powerful way to overcome some pretty big obstacles.  Did you practice it?  Let me know.

Next on the makeover list is what I’m calling servant leadership.  I’d love to say this is the one where you get to walk up to your boss and tell him how terrible he is in front of everyone.  It’s not.  I promise that’s the next one…

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This is about you again.  You say, “what”?

You see, you’ve got to warm things up before you can work them out.  What I mean is that you can’t begin to influence your boss as a leader if you aren’t acting as a leader yourself.

So, I challenge you to become a servant leader first.  A servant leader is a term I first heard from Dave Ramsey of Entreleadership.  Dave outlines servant leadership in four steps:

  1. Follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  2. Act with grace.
  3. Give praise.
  4. Treat people with dignity.

Are you doing all of these all the time?  Are you slipping on one or two or more?  Do you have an excuse as to why a specific person doesn’t deserve it?

Time to re-calculate your strategy here.  These principles are what you want from your boss, right?  Than you have to step up now and show him / her what it looks like!

Just remember, this isn’t for a day.  This isn’t for a week.  This is long-term.  You’ve got to find it in yourself to change who you are before you can ever begin to change your boss.

Question:  Is there ever a time when you can break these four principles and still call yourself a leader?