Words are meaningless without action.

Nobody can argue this point.  If your words don’t inspire action, in you or someone around you, then what’s the point?  It would be like having a leader that inspires no action in his team.  That’s like:

Leadership without passion.

It’s flat and falls on it’s face.  This kind of leadership takes double the effort to get things done.  It’s painful for the leader and the ones being lead.  Some would even say, “well he’s just not a passionate person.”  To which I say, “BS”!

Leading with passion isn’t an accident.  It’s a decision.

Do you think a professional cyclist wakes up every morning and jumps on his bike a 5:00am without having a second thought?  Or do you think he decides that he must do this to insure victory?  A decision is made with every turn of the pedal.  Leaders have the same opportunity every day; and they always have.

It’s time tested and it always works.

The great thing about leadership is that it hasn’t changed.  Sure the surroundings have changed.  The tech has changed, but people are inherently the same.  They crave passion from their leaders.

If ego is checked at the door…

Then leaders can see things differently.  Their eyes are opened.  Because ego get’s in the way of everything.

And if obstacles are removed…

Then team members can do their jobs better.  They will be less frustrated and more loyal.  And then:

Followers will emerge.

But they will be unified in their mission.  And there starts to be synergy among the team.

But to compete is to battle.

Everyone in an organization is part of the fight.  And everyone has their duty, and none is unimportant.  But to keep everyone fighting together and holding the line:

Direct communication is required.  Even when it hurts.

That means leaders can’t hold back.  They must communicate what’s good AND what’s bad.  But they can’t close their eyes and ears either.  Leaders must also be assessed.  Not just on the bottom line performance, but on their leadership as well.  That leads to:

A “good” kind of hurt.  That’s called progress.  Progress leads to change.  And change can be good.

Everyone knows that an organization (or a person) that isn’t willing to change is soon dead.  Openness to new ideas and challenging the old way of doing things, is paramount to future growth.

But to focus only on the win is to lose.  Because you can’t always win.  And progress never rests.

By focusing on progress, the wins come naturally.  That’s not to say that winning isn’t important, but you win on game day, you can see progress everyday!

So what’s your decision?  Can you compete?  Can you lead with passion?

Can you make a decision to be a better leader; of course you can.  Your position doesn’t even matter:

“A great leaders courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”  John Maxwell

So, whether you are in a leadership position or not, passion breathes life into your ideas, your vision.  Letting others see what you have in mind.    The great thing about passion is that it’s contagious.  By taking the decision to be more passionate in your leadership is to decide to bring a gift to your team or co-workers.

And who doesn’t want that kind of gift?