The App That Changed “My” Life

January 17, 2013 — Leave a comment
Memory like an elephant - Evernote

Memory like an elephant – Evernote

Just over a year ago, I discovered an app that literally changed how I live my life.  I realize that sounds pretty fantastic and kind of hyped, but it’s true.  Let me share with you how I use the Evernote App to squeeze more out of almost everything I do!

If you are already familiar with Evernote, then I’m preaching to the choir here.  However, I run into people all the time that either haven’t heard of this simple note-taking app.  Most likely because it’s just been drowned out by the zillions of other seemingly useful apps.

For me, the key to Evernote’s practicality is the fact that it can be used via your computer’s browser or from your phone.  This allows me to punch up my notes on any subject using my keyboard and then jump in my car and go!

Here’s some of the things it replaces in my home:

  • No more crumpled up pieces of paper with shopping lists.
  • No more notebooks from 5 years ago burred in my basement with notes that I’ll never find when I need them.
  • No more loose pieces of paper shoved in a folder never to be found again.
  • No more fantastic ideas lost because my brain can’t keep a thought for more than 2 minutes.

I’m sure you see the theme here.  On top of all that, Evernote has inspired me to do some things that I wasn’t very good at before:

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  • Take good notes on each book I read.
  • Write my personal & business goals (and actually look at them on a regular basis)
  • Take pictures of items I’m trying to match or replace before I go the store and keep them on my shopping list.

And finally, there is one more thing that really won me over with this special little app.  One that has saved my wife and I on numerous occasions when it comes to meal planning & grocery shopping:

Each week I create a menu of dinner meals and a matching grocery list.  When I’m done with it, I share it with my wife via link.  She pulls it up on her phone at the store for our grocery shopping.  Here’s a screenshot:

evernote screenshot

The best thing about this is that since I’ve done it for several weeks, I usually just copy a previous week, make a few edits and I’m done.  And on weeks when I don’t have time, we just use the last one and wing it.  No matter what, this is a real time saver!!

I could go on and on with the things I put in here.  Maybe I go overboard with it?  All I can tell you is that it saves me time, reduces my stress, and increase my ability to remember things.  I couldn’t ask for more from a free app.

Question:  Do you use Evernote for anything that I didn’t think of?