Why Your Goals Are Holding You Back

April 19, 2013


Your goals are holding you back!  You probably haven’t heard that before, right?  I say this because for many, including myself at the moment, our goals are not set in stone.  They are not clear and visible and most importantly achievable.  It’s so easy to have a foggy set of goals.  You know, ones that are NOT laser focused and NOT burned into your mind.

I love the quote and image shown above!  Admittedly, I’m biased, since I put them together.  However, there’s a real reason that these two pieces of content make an impact, in my opinion.  It’s because they don’t exactly fit together at first glance.

Yes, there is a play on words…goal setting…hockey goal..you get it.  I’m talking deeper than that though.  Even though this is just a Lego dude, the photo captures the essence of something important.  This guy has a focus and intensity on one thing at this moment – getting to the goal.

Now, if I’m truly playing this out, he probably has many other goals like winning the championship, providing for his family, learning to dance, etc.  Ok, maybe the dance thing is pushing it?

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The point is that in this moment, he is totally focused and totally immersed in getting this one thing done.  There is so much power in that!

Just imagine if his goal was fuzzy, foggy, and gray.  What if his goal was to just get to the other side of the rink?  What if his goal was to just get through the game?  Not only would he be hurting the team, but his joy would be sucked out as well:

As much as your focused goals can propel you forward, foggy goals can hold you back.

We all have goals.  Some short, some long.  However, if we want to achieve them, we have to really give them the attention, energy, and detail they deserve.

If you are like me, you’ve probably done this many times before.  New Year, write goals, check!  Yet it’s just too easy to hit a few marks and go back to the fuzzy, foggy, and gray.  As a matter of fact, it may even be healthy to take a break from the kind of intensity I’m talking about.

So, for me it’s time to crank up the volume.  It’s time to get crystal clear.  It’s time to live fully by stretching myself through setting some big hairy audacious goals!  So, this post isn’t a how to…it’s just a let’s do!

Question:  Will you join me today in setting and writing down some clear, concise, and achievable goals for you or your team?