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Good morning!  Friday is a good day for talking about self control, right?

Check out this short video on this topic.  Is self control really like a gas tank; that can easily run out?  I can only speak from experience here, but this research actually seems very logical to me.  Maybe that’s why taking small steps is really the best way to make lasting change…let me know what you think:

A girl quits her job with a video?  The video get’s 17 million views????  The company she quits responds with a video???

Ok, so today I don’t have some lofty, high level analysis of the video’s I’m sharing this morning.  I just think the whole situation is interesting and kind of crazy.  And for any of you that have already seen the quitting video, you probably haven’t seen the response video, so I’m sharing that too.  I hope you enjoy!

Question: How many of you dream of quitting your job in some crazy way?  Please share…

Here’s a really cool concept that I came across recently.  If you’ve ever learned anything about different languages, you know that there are sometimes words and concepts, in those languages, that don’t exist in English.  These ideas can sometimes be hard to wrap your head around, but are often very insightful.

In this case Sweden, Denmark, and Norway may be able to teach us a thing or two about “happiness” at “work”.

Watch this video to find out about arbejdsglaede…yep, that really is a word:

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November 22, 2012