How To Quit Your Job – Diva Style

January 9, 2014

A girl quits her job with a video?  The video get’s 17 million views????  The company she quits responds with a video???

Ok, so today I don’t have some lofty, high level analysis of the video’s I’m sharing this morning.  I just think the whole situation is interesting and kind of crazy.  And for any of you that have already seen the quitting video, you probably haven’t seen the response video, so I’m sharing that too.  I hope you enjoy!

Question: How many of you dream of quitting your job in some crazy way?  Please share…

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4 responses to How To Quit Your Job – Diva Style

  1. Let’s Grow Leaders January 9, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    Bob, So when she first pulled this stunt, my first reaction was to write a post about what not to do…damage your brand through social media, protect your company’s brand, never burn a bridge… yada yada. But that’s clearly not how it played out at all. She almost immediately landed a dream job.

    I still wouldn’t recommend it. It would not work where I work. But….

    • I think we are on the same page Karin. I immediately wanted to write a response when I first saw this, but I kind of felt double minded. On one hand, I completely understood the desire to rebel and quit. I’m sure there are plenty of people that dream of doing something like that. On the other hand this seemed like the wrong to do it. That’s why I left it alone at first.

      Either way, it’s a different country, so different rules apply. And it’s kinda fun to watch!

  2. Thanks for the share! I’ve not ever seen this nor am I familiar with the back story or aftermath but this seems to me simultaneously both a resignation letter and a resume…for someone who works in the video editing business. I don’t know that I’d coach this approach to anyone, but it’s certainly creative and quite possibly genius. Fun to watch but ultimately foolhardy for the typical Joe.

    • As usual, very well said my friend! I couldn’t agree more!

      Although, whoever hires her is on notice…make her mad and 17 million of her friends might find out about it. Yikes!