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This week I had the pleasure of sitting through a very technical training course.  I’ve been through many of these over the years and could easily pick apart the session for it’s lack of innovation and engagement.  However, I’m not going to do that (what fun would that be?).

Employee training is vital to an organization for several reasons:

  1. People need to be fed, poured into, re-fueled.
  2. People need to learn and grow.
  3. People need to humble themselves every once in a while in order to stay grounded.
  4. Even the worst training can build comradory among team members (suffering does that).

These aren’t the typical reasons that you think of when you talk about training.  Notice I focused on one word in most of these, “people”.

This is about people at the end of the day, no matter how technical the information covered.

After the training I sat through this week, I had two separate encounters.  One team member who was eager, appreciative, and energized from the experience.  The other bored, frustrated, and underwhelmed by the exact same session.  It was like Jekyll & Hyde.

Both had similar levels of experience.  Both were very intelligent and successful in their respective positions.  So, what’s the difference here?


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  -Winston Churchill

The first person I spoke with had gone into the meeting looking for reasons to learn, grow, and enjoy the experience this training session had to offer.  The other had gone in assuming that this would be boring and worthless.  Of course both of their visions came true.

Interestingly enough, the team member with the positive attitude asked more questions of the presenter.  By doing so, he turned a lukewarm presentation into a much livelier debate with stories and anecdotes that made the entire experience better for everyone in attendance.

There is no doubt that when it comes to training, attitude is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Question:  What is your attitude when it comes to training?