What The Heck Is “Arbejdsglaede”? – Video

November 14, 2013

Here’s a really cool concept that I came across recently.  If you’ve ever learned anything about different languages, you know that there are sometimes words and concepts, in those languages, that don’t exist in English.  These ideas can sometimes be hard to wrap your head around, but are often very insightful.

In this case Sweden, Denmark, and Norway may be able to teach us a thing or two about “happiness” at “work”.

Watch this video to find out about arbejdsglaede…yep, that really is a word:

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2 responses to What The Heck Is “Arbejdsglaede”? – Video

  1. Great video, now I’m going to try to say that word all day!

    • Hey Steve! Yep, I’ve tried telling a couple of people about this, but I just end up butchering the word. I feel bad for anyone that tries to type in the URL to their site; I thought mine was bad. 😉